Thursday, April 08, 2010

What about the 30's

The 1918 dress is on hold until someone comes over to help do the final fitting of the bodice.  I want to make sure it will close properly with the buttons and I need someone to hold it closed for me.  Alas, I really wanted to move forward with it but decided to wait because I do have to put in button holes…yikes!  I may play around with trim placement in the meantime.

Rather than not sew,  I will work on something else.

Here is the fabric a silk chiffon:

The pattern will be a 1931 dress in honour of my friend who just turned 30.  A year off but the best I could do.  I am doing the short version with the 3/4 length sleeve.  I love a bell sleeve!

Because of it being a silk chiffon, French seams are in order.  Blech, that means I have to sew the dress twice!

Now you should know that the 20's and 30's, even though very different in style are my favorite eras.  The 30's to me just oooze romance.  Something just speaks to me about the styles of the 30's.   I remember watching 30's movies growing up and loving the clothes.  I am fortunate to own one vintage 30's dress which is just gorgeous.  So its time to give one a try though with this fabric it may cause me to tear out my hair.

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1912 Suffragette said...

I love the 30's, too. I tend to look better in 40's styles (broad shoulders) but love those feminine blouses especially.

That fabric is beautiful, but looks like it will be hard to sew. Do you use stablizer?

Can't wait to see the finish of the WWI dress, too.