Saturday, April 10, 2010


I cut out and sewed the sleeves of the 1931 dress!  Progress.  However, the instructions say to do a picot edge.  I do not completely understand the instructions provided for a picot edge and it seems like an awful lot of hand sewing.

But miracles of miracles my serger has a picot stitch.  I know it’s not the period correct way of handling this edge but I think I am going to do it on the serger for practicality reasons and swiftness.  We all know that if there is a lot of hand sewing for me to do, it is just not getting done. 

To answer some questions:  This fabric is slippery because it is a silk chiffon but I never even thought of using a stablizer!  Seriously, I am just not that with it.  I am using a lot of pin.  There are many curved seams look mighty scary but since I am doing french seams I am not as worried about it.  I may regret that statement though.  What type of stabilizer would be recommended?  Really as I sit here I have no clue.

I have been playing around with the trim on the 1918 dress.  Here are some of the option I came up with for the neckline.  I am leaning towards the double row around the neckline with space in between the rows.  

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