Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Afraid To Cut?

I am terrified of cutting into fabric which is why I try to always use $1 fabric.  For a long time I was actually paralyzed when it came to cutting out a pattern.  So much fear that I would screw everything up.  New scissors helped as did the rotary cutters.

But since I have been using a lot of cheap fabric so I don’t care as much, I am able to cut out a pattern without thinking about it much.

Today I made the facings on the 1918 dress.  There is no pattern for the facings so I had to wing it.  No problem, lots of extra fabric; I now know what a facing is and what it should look like.  So what’s the problem?  First there is the fact that I forgot about the adjustment I made to the pattern.  Oh well, plenty of fabric and facings are small.  Second, this square neckline.  I sewed on the facings and I knew I had to trim the facings to get the points of the square to sit right.  Oh was I scared.  I kept taking little nips of fabric off; the smallest I could manage.  I was convinced that I would take too much.  Finally, I had to suck it up, take a deep breath, relax, tell myself there is plenty of fabric if I do something wrong and then snip.

Well everything went ok as you can see!  I am super happy with the facings.  Nice square neckline.

I had wanted to get more sewing done tonight but I decided to rip out the sleeve that bothered me and give that another go. 

But I need to still work on this fear of cutting.

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