Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day

First a shout out to Suffragette: Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying my ramblings. Its kinda nice to know there is someone out there checking out my little space on the net. But whoa…8 projects at once! I bow to your multi-tasking, you are putting my 2 projects to shame. I would love to see some of your work some time.

Now down to business:

Since I am the queen of procrastinators, I had to have my taxes done last night. I had to pay so no fabric purchases for 30 days at least! Sad news but probably for the best. Due to the tax prep, all I did last nite is handsewing on the 1918 dress. The picture would be the same as yesterday…or make that the day before, just imagine the top edge of one line of trim ½way sewed on. I figure there is at least another 3 nights of sewing on the trim around the neckline. Not scintillating blogging to say the least. However, starting tonight, I will try to come up with something...........not sure what.

Pattern Review is having a vintage sewing contest. Should I enter? There are only 15 days to complete the outfit…..I think that is too little time for me especially since I really want to finish this 1918 dress. But I do have a stash of vintage patterns I would like to sew. It is that 15 day deadline. If I had a whole month, then it would be fine. But 15 days with a lot going on this weekend…I just don’t know.

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