Friday, April 02, 2010

Frustration or Why Does Blogger Hate Me?

I have had such problems trying to post the past few days!! I just keep getting errors.

But not to worry, perseverance pays off!

An update is in order: The update is frustration. Hours spent hunched over an ironing board, pins at my side and tape measure in hand trying to get these tucks accurate. The first go around left the tucks too low; so of course the next go around they were much much to high. Tucks on the butt not a good look!

I believe that I am placing them in the right spot now, but after 3 hours hunching, pinning, measuring and ironing last nite I got one tuck done and the other 3/4s of the way pinned. I then gave up due to increasing back and neck pain.

But persevere I will! Tonight begins the hunching, the pinning, the measuring and the ironing. Hopefully a little sewing will also occur! Because once those tucks are correctly places, its 2 quick zips around, some gathers and then attaching bodice to skirt! That shouldn't take that long.

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