Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something for Self Stitched September or …Or Falling in Love Again

Last night I decided I wanted to wear something new to work.  I realized that with “Self Stitched September” I had worn nothing I made to work.  August was full of me made clothes but not September. 

But what could I do?  I am not a fast sewer so no whipping up something in an evening.  I have tried and failed miserably.  I looked around and the pile of UFOs caught my eye; I looked away quickly lest I be turned to stone.  Looking at the UFO pile is a no-no in this house, best to just ignore the pile and maybe the clothing faeries will appear and finish them for me.  They are mostly simple finishes needing a zipper or a hem.  Surely the sewing faeries can take care of it for me?

Alas, the sewing faeries have never popped in to help.  But hope does burn eternal, so I wait and ignore the pile.  Until last night.

I knew if I was taking on an UFO it had to be this skirt.  I have been “meaning” to finish it since November.  It only needed a hem on the lining.  Yup you heard me, all that was unfinished was the lining hem which I would sew by machine.  I had dragged this skirt to many a sewing days thinking I would sew up that hem.  It never happened.  I have been dragging that skirt with me for months.

The whole hemming process took no more than 10 minutes!  Done, finished, wore to work and I love the skirt.  I loved that it swishes when I walk.  I love the long length, the color, and how I styled it.

Ok, old picture.  I did
not get a new one.  The skirt
has been pressed.
So….how did it become achieve UFO status?  In December, I thought the skirt made me look fat.  Ok, maybe not fat but the fabric seemed to emphasize my pouchy tummy and I did not like it.  When I looked in the mirror it was a case of “its not you, its me” so why bother finishing it.

The irony is that the skirt is now too big.  But then I do not like tight fitting clothes so I am happy.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Didn’t Need An Assistant

Not to get too excited but some sewing happened.  I cut out a skirt for something which should become a 1920s style dress.  Also a waistband was cut.  I dug right in and was powering away.

However, because I am using a border print….my first time, I was going very slowly with the cutting.  Turns out I made the skirt much too long.  But of course I did not realize it until I put on the waistband.  This is what happens when I power away and do not take my time!

The furry assistant getting
involved in the sewing process
So after sewing on the waistband ( it really isn’t a waistband but I do not know what to call it; it is the lowered waist of the 20s and will sit around my hips) with double stitching…..I had to undo the whole thing and re-gather the skirt portion lower down.  That’s when my furry assistant jumped in or I should say laid down on the job halting all progress.  He was not to be moved!  He apparently likes the fabric I chose.
A better picture of the fabric.  Notice the
gathering!  Notice the pins!
I was actually sewing!!

You can see my furry assistant plopped down in the middle of the fabric but you can also make out the pins for where the new gathering is going to go.

Some not cat related details.  The skirt is going to be slightly gathered.  This is going to be a simple dress with the fabric as the star!  The waistband thing has been interfaced to give it some structure.  The dress will be sleeveless and I think with a “v” neck.  

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day Catch Up

I tried.  

I honestly tried to sew a lot over the long weekend.  Does draping count??  Well the tedious handsewing, has to count, doesn’t it? 

Borrowed from
On Saturday, I did a couple of hours of the aforementioned tedious handsewing.  Lines of running stitches.  Why…well to finish the calash I started in a class in July.  I have now sewn 5 channels for the bamboo.  Go me…….I do not even have a clue why I am doing this.  I don’t need a calash.  It was peer pressure I tell you.

A calash is a type of bonnet. Though what I need with a bonnet is beyond me!

It was super hot weekend.  So motivation was at an all time low.  Plus, I was being handed glasses of wine…..yes almost as if they appeared out of thin air straight into my hand……so what could I do but imbibe.  Wine and sewing are not a good combination for me.  So, after spending 45 minutes ironing my fabric for a different project, all I could muster up was draping it over a dress form to get ideas.  Some pins were used in the draping but, alas, no fabric was cut over the weekend.
I wanted to sew last night but it was so hot I just couldn’t.  The problem was that I was supposed to throw together a dress for a picnic this weekend and that has not even motivated me to take action!

Friday, September 02, 2011

A Coloring Book for Grown Ups

I have been spending some time thumbing through my Originator Smart Fashion books.  Every time I open a page, I want to take out my pens and colored pencils and start colouring in the fantastic outfits.  Of course, I could never deface these books this way but hey….that’s what copy machines are for!

I wanted to share a few more of the sketches with you.  Are these dresses not lovely?  Don't you want to run home and incorporate some tucks onto a drapey skirt to emulate this look?  I know I do!

The next one is scanning rather oddly, I have no idea why it is not getting the entire page or why it is skewed sideways..  But look at the bishop sleeves and that low waist.  Looking at this, my creative juices are flowing.  Could I be getting over my sewing slump?

What do you look at for inspiration?  What are you sewing for National Sewing Month??

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Silence is Deafening

Did you think I disappeared completely?  I would not have blamed you if you did!  To say my sewing mojo bit the dust is an understatement.  Other than some repairs, I did no sewing during August.  Oh, I had good intentions.  Every day at work I would think about sewing projects I needed to start.  I even washed some fabric.  By the time I had finished dinner all those ideas of sewing and projects had vanished.
Oh wait…..I lie.  I did sew up a fast, down and dirty full 50’s crinoline petticoat.  It took about 10 minutes once I got the serger to do what I wanted and it is a big full petticoat with no need to spend hours gathering.  Anyone interested in the secret??

But….alas….that was as far as I got.  Was it the heat?  The summer?  Who knows.  For weeks I would walk past my machines trying not to look at them so I did not have to the see the accusations of neglect. 
I have made a pact with myself to work on a sewing project over the long weekend.  I guess this is my version of the me made September.  Need to do something to kick start the sewing.

While not sewing, I had the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning of the sewing area.  I had forgotten about all the monthly Originator Smart Fashion booklets I had inherited with the dress forms.  Boy are they amazing.  Wanna peak??  I think you all deserve a look for sticking with my silence.

I love these shirt; especially
the striped one.  What
a great way to emphasize
the stripes

Is this dress just to die for?

Now, I noticed online people are selling CD copies of these for 10$ a pop.  Wow!!  I never thought anyone would ever pay for these.  I have a bunch.  I would have to believe it would be a copyright violation.  Wonder how people get away with this.  I guess they could be old enough to escape the copyright.
I would rather share these out to my readers………….