Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Cat in the Picture

Yes, the cat has gotten into the act while I try to take a close up of the skirt and posed for the camera with his demon cat eyes! He likes to pose for the camera.

But what you can see is where I am on the 1918 Dress.  Slowly but surely it is coming along.  There is now trim on the skirt.  As I mentioned before, there will be more trim added but I am out so this is as far as it gets until I get to the store to buy more trim.

Pretty…no?  I am liking it.

A close up of the trim on the skirt…shimmery goodness.  All in all, I have spent 4 hours hand sewing the trim on the skirty.

1 comment:

spookie said...

Rita, you know which photo cracks me up, right? Not the shimmery trim, but... you know who!