Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Silk Chiffon is EVIL

I love silk chiffon.  I love the way it drapes.  It is perfect for this 1931 dress.  But seriously, it is evil.

My fabric spits out pins.  Tonight I was pinning away at the sleeve, I turn my head and half of the pins had magically come out of the fabric.  What is that about?  And let’s not talk about what happened when I happened to move.  Or how about sewing in the sleeve.  I would start to sew and then a symphony of pin drops could be heard on the hardwood floor.  The pins needed to escape the terribly evil fabric is all I can think.

I also have a love hate relationship with French seams.  I really love they way the look.  However, as much as I try I always mess them up.  It takes a lot of concentration on my part to get it right.  I have a hard time getting my head around which side to sew first.  Of course, it does not help that the fabric looks the same on either side.  There were many ‘duh’ moments tonight.

I did finish off the sleeves!  The French seams helped with the ease situation so no unsightly puckers.  It did take numerous tries to get those sleeves in but there they are.  Done.  Now, I think its time to make some bias binding and start in on the neckline.

Oh…yeah, my elbow feels better….maybe 

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