Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Don't Know What To Work On

Should I continue working on the 1918 dress now that I know the bodice fits?

Or should I power on with the 1931 dress since it is still in the beginning stages??

What to do?  Decisions, decisions.

I am trying to switch back and forth but I want to concentrate on one thing!  And no, I haven’t just been dithering around trying to decide what to work on.  I did pin the trim around the neckline of the 1918 dress. 

I also work on the skirt of the 1931 dress.  Curved French seams, what was I thinking??    It does not photograph well. 

I am beat.

Thinking of concentrating on the 1918 dress again because I am looking at a lot of hand sewing which if I don’t start sewing there’s a really good chance I never will.  It is turning out much too nice to make it a UFO.

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1912 Suffragette said...

I can't bear to work on one thing at a time; usually have dozens of irons in the fire, but this year I have tried to disipline myself to only eight ongoing sewing projects at a time: to start a new one I have to finish one. It's actually working pretty well - I've finished two things already, neither of them vintage though.

I really like your blog.