Monday, April 19, 2010

Hand Sewing Extravaganza

Make that 4+ hours of hand sewing…. And the end of the neckline trim is in sight. Yes, just in sight and not completed. I believe that I have about another 45 minutes to an hour then Wooohooo I am done with that. Next up will be the trim on the skirt and sleeves. Oh, joy, what in the world was I thinking. It is really pretty but this is crazy making.

Nope, I didn’t do anything but the handsewing over the weekend. So, let’s see if I can find a pretty picture to enthrall you with…

Since I am at work, my pictures options are limited to say the least…ok here is the back of my most recent ballgown. It is being re-worked because there are some problems because I was a renegade and went off pattern to just make it up. The bodice is silk, I forget what type; the skirt is rustle inducing silk taffeta. There are beads all over this frothy concoction but I was mostly able to sew them on with a machine……ah sheer bliss.



spookie said...

Okay. You can sew. This looks awesome.
Sewing Goddess.
I envy you.

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