Friday, March 26, 2010

Is This Love?

Work on the 1918 dress is moving at a snail's pace.  It took me way too long ...think 2 get the fabric ironed.  When the lightbulb did finally go off on how best to iron this 6 yard piece of fabric, it still took about an hour to accomplish it.

So, I was about to give up for the night and return to watching skating when a thought occurred to me: Why not try those rotary cutter things ( yes, that is a term of art) that I got for Christmas.  Here's a picture of the baby one:

My nicely ironed, yeah right, fabric went onto the self healing brite green mat that accompanied the rotary cutter things and off I went.  I broke out the small one from its package because to be honest the big one scares the bejebbers out of me! and away I went.

Wow...let me say it again...WOW was cutting fast and precise.  That little bugger zoomed around curves and accelerated on the straightaways.  I love fast.  Though, I was concerned about my fingers.  I can see me losing one to this dangerous little implement; but is that going to stop me from using it in the way!

The bodice pieces and the sleeves were cut out in no time and then I gave up to go to bed.  I need to mark the pattern and the thought of sewing in the tailor tacks just left me feeling tired.  Can I get the bodice sewn up tonight so I can shop for trim tomorrow?

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