Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Does McCall's Hate Me?

So back to actual sewing… has occurred. 

The next step was attaching the bodice to the skirt.  Should be easy peasy right?  Wrong!  The bodice front is much to big for the skirt front.  So what I do is match the pleats to the darts which is really the common sense thing to do.  Where the zipper needs to be inserted onto the front bodice, the bodice bit is 2 inches wider than the skirt bit.

Yes…..I know this is probably human error.  Ok, I admit it is human error something went terribly wrong in cutting out this side of the bodice (even when I say it it doesn’t make much sense) but by now I hate McCall’s and we have already determined that they lie.  So why not just place all of the blame on the pattern.  See:
So what do I do?  Easing it in didn't work.

Then I do what anyone would do (kidding) pop the whole thing in the washer to see if washing it will make it magically spring back into place.  Big surprise, it doesn’t!   Now it is wrinkled and I am frustrated.  Again, big surprise.

The question is now how do I get the zipper in?

Should I cut the darn thing to make it work?  I like it too much to make it a wadder (yes that is my wonky dressform from Goodwill).  Let the zipper games begin!

Here is a tease about View B:
Look at the gorgeous silk taffeta!  This picture just doesn’t do the silver portion justice.  It is rich and makes that lovely crisp taffeta sound.  Yum!

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