Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ah.......Sweet Completion

Both View A and B of McCall’s 5357 have been completed!  A miracle I know.  

The pesky bodice of View A I finally manipulated to work so that I could insert the zipper.  Oh look how that waistline matches up.  There is a funky bit at the top of the zipper, but hey its under my arm so if anyone is looking that closely and DARES make a comment they had better watch out for my swinging elbow.  No telling what I might accidentally hit.

I am just so happy I have completed this project.  It will be better once I get the pouffy petticoat under View B.

So whats on the agenda now you might well ask….Ask away, a decision has been made.  A 1918 dress, a hopefully wearable muslin before I tackle it in silk made out of this wonderful 1 $ a yard cotton which is actually a much richer color:

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