Tuesday, March 23, 2010

McCall's 5357: View B

 A reminder, since it’s been forever since I posted about this project: completing  McCall’s 5337 both View A and B.  

Struggled with View A….well make that still struggling.  When we left our heroine, she finally gave up on inserting that zipper in View A due to what we can unfortunately only call human error somewhere along the line. 

Moving right along to View B and that wonderful silk taffeta which cost significantly more than the cotton used for View A. 

I did make some changes…..The bodice on View B is a little big even though I am quite busty.  However, not wanting to do a FBA cause quite frankly they scare me, I just subtracted about an inch from the bodice and that seemed to work.  I actually took some time to try and line up the pattern.  I was somewhat successful.  With the gingham, it is difficult to match completely with these raglan sleeves. 

Nevertheless, I think the extra care in cutting paid off.  I am pretty pleased with the pattern match up.  Of course the skirt was the ultimate in forgiving since it is a gathered skirt. 

I was able to insert the invisible zipper with no problem thanks to basting it in prior to sewing!!  I love this method it saves on so much heartache.  Look, the waistline matches even if the pattern is a tad off.  Gotta look for that silver lining.

Here is the completed dress, well minus the hem and with just a little petticoat underneath. Hand sewing can be a bit boring so the hem will have to wait for the weekend and a new CD.  I do this this fabulous dress with the crispy taffeta deserves a big pouffy petticoat.....maybe I should get cracking on one of those!

So back to inserting that zipper in View A…..arghhh.

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Camelia Crinoline said...

It's so pretty. I love the gingham taffeta.