Monday, March 22, 2010


Wondering where the sewing posts have gone.  Well wonder no more.  Last Sunday I received boxes of vintage sewing paraphernalia from a friend’s grandmother’s basement.  This grandmother was a professional seamstress and no one in the family sews.  The boxes were basically just dumped in my living room along with 3…count them…3 vintage dress forms.  There are 4 more dressforms to be delivered at a later date.  Obviously, some of these forms will need to be sold, I just don’t have room for a jungle of dress forms.  But they are fun!  Look at them:  

A vintage Wolf form! One is made to meet the measurements of a certain woman and shows all her of her curves.  They are awesome.

The boxes were dusty and filled with stuff.  From old pattern book from the 40’s and 50’s to loads of vintage buttons!  Alas,  not a pattern to behold.  It is taking more time than anticipated to go through everything!!  Not to mention the dust!   So much dust!!  None of this stuff has been cared for.  Not to worry, it is now in a loving house!

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