Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steampunk in Action

Gah... love those big skater thighs!

I wore my steampunk outfit and got a lot of compliments on the skirt.  In fact, most people thought that I had bought the skirt asking what store carried the skirt and what an excellent find.  Could it be the dreaded flat fell seams were worth it? 

Interesting that the ultimate compliment is that what you made looks like RTW when the whole point of sewing is to be more creative and have better fitting clothes than RTW.  I find this to be a mental conundrum.

What's up next?  A little dress from the 1940s.


Molly said...

Ah ha, I knew it would look fab on! Job very well done!

spookie said...

Somehow I missed this entry and WOW!!! That skirt came out great!

p.s. I'm using that purse you got me for my birthday and I love the the odd looks I get. Thanks once again!

Rita said...

Thanks!! The skirt is uber fun to wear as well.

I know the purse is awesome and I can totally imagine the looks you are getting!!