Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The One Where There is a Cutting Failure

After about another hour or so measuring my fabric, I determined that I had enough yardage to make the dress as patterned but only if I cut everything on the cross grain.  I would end up with a shorter skirt but since I am shorter than average, a shorter skirt was not something I was worried about.

I traced the front bodice onto the fabric in an effort to cut down on inappropriate flower placement.  I really did not want  a boob bull’s-eye!  I cut out the front bodice with no problem.

It is not even!
It was the back bodice that became the problem.  I do not know how or why this was a problem.  I tried to trace the pattern and I could never get it to line up.  So I folded over the fabric, no bull’s-eyes issues for the back and cut it out.


Can you see the problem?  

One side is shorter than the other, not by a lot but enough to make back bodice not work.  

How did this happen?

I know it wouldn’t work because I tried.  I sewed it together and it twisted and was too short.  I tried reducing the seam allowance on the shoulders, no help.  Is the print off grain?  I really have no idea.

Having just enough fabric to cut out another back bodice, I was finding that I had the same problem.  I could not get it even.  So what to do???

After thinking about this for a long time, I figure I have only 2 options. 

1.  Move the zipper to a back zipper and slice the bodice up the back.  Keep the good side and get another side to work.

2.  Make a small patch for the problem area.

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