Monday, May 02, 2011

Sewing ADD

I saw a lot of peacocks this weekend.
This fellow followed me and shook his feathers at me
As I walked away,
he then started to follow me.

What do I do when my project is not going well?  Do I stay with it?  Do I work through the problems.

No silly me, I start a bunch of other projects. 

My new motto:  When a project goes horribly awry, just start something else!! And ignore any UFOs that are formed.

My current list:

Then he opened up and
shook his feathers at me again!
1.  The 1940’s skirt;  I am baffled on how to fix and therefore paralyzed.  Blech.  I swear I have not yet given up. 

2.  Started a summer sundress that has had problems from the cutting out stage.  My fault but still it is aggravating.  Seriously, I tend to think this dress is cursed.

A little later, I ran into this fellow
showing off his backside.  Just in case you
wondered what the backside of a
peacock looks like.
3.  Gala outfit.  Traced off the bodice pattern that I need to adapt to muslin.  But then started having nightmares about the project so moved on.  Will have to buckle down…at some point…since I need it in July.

But then he turned around to show off his
4.  Steampunk skirt: Decided on a pattern but have not yet traced off the pattern because I am now overwhelmed by what I have on my agenda.

Another hiding behind the fountain

I mentioned the nightmares didn’t I?  Yup there it is in item 3.  The nightmare I am having is that I only have 24 hours to complete the project.  

Peacocks in lieu of actual sewing pictures.  Prettier too!

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