Sunday, May 15, 2011

Steaming it up

So next on the agenda is a steampunk outfit for an outing with friends.  I really do not get steampunk for women; it seems to me it is just Victorian wear in brown or khaki.  After much research, I found that steampunk wear goes as far forward as WW 1 so I am throwing out the Victorian and will go for something Edwardian.

Looking around the internet, I found a free Edwardian walking skirt pattern and thought about using that pattern.  But then I remembered that a couple of years ago I bought this pattern; the pattern is dated 1905 on the information provided in with the pattern (but on the website it is dated as 1914…who knows what to go by)  so a good time period for this outfit.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I ordered this pattern, much to young for me.  But the skirt portion I can use!  And since I have it in hand, that is what I am going to do.

I have a very heavy army green brushed twill, rather a denim weight, which I will use for the skirt.

I plan to do the view with the buttons down the front and the corset type yoke.  I think I can make those details kind of steampunky!!  The only problem is that this pattern has a 25 inch waist and I do not.  I will need to grade up the pattern a little bit to make it work on me.

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Miss Leah J. Wilde said...

Feel free to check out my blog for inspiration. Most of my sewing is steampunk and I don't think I have a single brown or khaki outfit. I posted a bunch of costuming pictures recently that may be of help. Good luck!