Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Welcome Distraction

Over the weekend, I came into possession of the a book published by the Pictorial Review Pattern Company in 1917 entitled “American Dressmaking Step By Step.”

It is so fascinating to read.  It provides some details missing from other sewing books I have had the opportunity to read.  There is an in depth discussion of the various plackets available and how to make and sew each placket. There is also an in depth discussion on how to make a variety of facings.  Fascinating stuff.

A couple of excerpts from the book:

“No part of a garment shows inexperienced or careless work to more disadvantage than the Placket.” 

“The Fall Ruffle is the ruffle our great-great-grandmothers displayed on most of the ferments, an, to-day, their up-to-date daughters, their children’s children, are using them in accordance with the present ideas of art, beauty, and practicability.”

I could not have received this at a better time.  It is really helpful in putting together the final stages of the 1918 dress.

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Cinquefoil said...

What a find! Must be so interesting to read.