Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Intentions

Life is full of good intentions, the key is trying to act on them.  I guess I need to go back to my 30 minutes of sewing a night so that my good intentions become actions.

All day yesterday while at work, I kept contemplating what I was going to work on in the sewing room. I was antsy to get home so of course I had to stay a little late which meant a lot of traffic. I got home to a stopped up drain and a tv that was not working. So time is spent trying to unstop the drain and then clean up the shower. Too much time spent on the phone with the cable company. To top it off was a mini allergy attack and a cat who ran amuck in the bedroom.

By the time I had everything in working order again, there was still time to sew but I just could not motivate myself to move. I feel like it is rinse, repeat and lather today. I am sitting at my desk making plans on the progress I will make tonight. I can finish the 1931 dress if I put my mind to it!

Pictures of what I accomplished….tonight…..

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