Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now Its a Dress

It should have been easy but it wasn’t.  It should not have taken much time to accomplish, but it did.

The 1931 is now officially a dress.  The bodice is now attached to the skirt and it only took 3 tries.  I needed to sew them together close enough to the edge so the bodice was caught and so that there was no gaping by the skirt.  The first try was too far away.  The second try was too wavy…nothing straight going on there.  The third try was acceptable.  I might have gone for a fourth try if the time had not gotten away from me. 

That’s ok, I couldn’t have gone farther since I need some hooks and eyes as closures.  If only I had the right hook and eye tape, I would use that.  But I only have black and grey hook and eye tape. 

No I haven’t forgotten about the 1918 dress.  I just want to be able to spend some significant time with it so the weekend looks good.

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