Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stupid Mistakes Vol 1

Do you make stupid mistakes as you sew?  I mean really stupid bang your head against the wall mistakes?  Because I do - more often than I would like.

For me it happens when I am tired or not in the sewing mood but feel the need to push on and finish a step or project.  Then I screw up royally.

Case in point.

See that?

Do you?


Stupid screw up.  My seam finishing for the 1940s blouse is french seams - even on the sleeves.  On the second sleeve, it went in fast and easy with no puckers.  So off I go with the big scary scissors to grade down the seam for the next step.  Ugh, even though I was being careful ...slice...right through the sleeve.  Then there was some yelling and agonizing that I knew I wasnt in the mood but felt the need to finish up the sleeve.  Stupid stupid stupid.

I need to learn to read my own cues!!  What stupid mistakes have you made that could have been prevented?

Myra -  I love that little blouse too!! In fact, I have muslined it and cut out my fashion fabric but placed it on hold until I finished the 40's blouse.  Maybe a post on that top tomorrow - it has been more challenging than you might think.

Amy - Oh you are a good person to want to give away vintage patterns.  I tend horde the little lovelies so I can look at them and think about all the outfits I could make with them if I only had the time!  Most of my vintage patterns are 50s and 60s with a spattering of 40's.


Amy said...

Ugh, I'm always so scared I'm going to do that. I hope you can salvage it!

amy mayen said...

I've got a few 1940s that I refuse to part with. But I'm too scared to sew with them!!!

Funny you wrote this post today...I cut sleeves with the fabric upside down. It's a little nightgown, and the fabric is printed in one direction. Sigh. I cut it last night, and realized it today.

I though, "'s a nightgown. Nobody will notice." Then hubby came over & said, " did you know the sleeves are upside down?" I don't have anymore fabric & it will bother me forever.

I used to tear up buttonholes with the seam ripper when I was opening them. Then I finally found out the trick with a pin...

Yup, always when I'm tired! Ugh, that sleeve is going to bother you!! I feel your pain!

Jennilee Cookman said...

I once laid out a skirt for a dress with the straight edge on the selvedge. I start cutting and THEN I noticed the grainline, which of course was not straight. I'd already cut to far to salvage the fabric so I had to go buy more. I turned the miscut fabric into a shawl to wear with the dress.