Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Current Sewing

A blouse pattern from the 1940s which is one of the first patterns I bought.

Making the short sleeve with the attached collar.

Due to reading comprehension failures, I ended up making 5 muslins of this blouse with the first 4 each getting respectfully bigger and bigger.  During this process I was befuddled as to why my usual FBA was not working.

Finally, it was pointed out to me my reading mistake that the facing was also a placket for the buttons/button holes.  Super duh moment.  Then I had to go back down to my second muslin which is the one that should have always been correct as I forgot to make a FBA in my first muslin (over anxious to dive right in).
Yummy silk

Loving this blouse.

Look at the glass buttons I plan to use.  Are they not sweet??

More soon....promise

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