Saturday, August 17, 2013

What about the 80s?

I with my little sewing boo-boo, the sewing mojo has been wiped completely out of me.  In answer to the question, my only fix for that mistake is to cut out a new sleeve.  Ugh.... Fortunately, I have enough fabric left AND I saw in the store last Saturday that they still have some of this fabric left there as well.

Amy - Oh now about the sleeves in your nightgown!  Boo on your husband for bringing it up.  It is always the man of the house who asks me "are you sure its supposed to be that way?" and then follows it up with "but it looks really professional."

Jennilee - How inventive to turn a mistake into something wearable!!!  I am impressed.  I have a tendency to forget about grainlines and now have a little stickie over my sewing table to remind me to at least think about them.

So the 1980s....yup.  I DO NOT consider the 1980s vintage but the very early 80s had some nice skirt patterns out there.  No shoulder pads necessary.  I used this pattern...the C or D view.

However, I really shortened the length to make it more modern.

Well what I did was make a "wearable muslin" out of a remnant of unknown fabric.  It feels a little like corduroy but it isn't.  No idea what it was except cheap and I didn't have a lot of it.  In fact, when I was done, the left over scraps amounted to nothing usable for any purpose.  Yeah for no waste.  I knew going in that this fabric was not of a type recommended for the pattern as it had a rather stiff hand.

The pattern has a 25 inch waist.  Really?  I need to meet some of these lucky people with 25 inch waists because I dont have one.  So I had to grade up the pattern and I made it a little too big.  The waist turned out ok but surprisingly the hips were a little big.  The whole thing is acres too big for the dress form!

It is cute.  It has been worn.  It still needs to be taken in.

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