Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fabric Shopping

The only way the olive color photographed properly
was to have it in a group shot with other colors.  When
photographed alone, it was a washed out green.  Weird!
Yesterday was a nice bit of fabric shopping in the Fabric District with friends.  I explored some new stores as well as hitting up my favorite haunts.  I like fabric shopping with friends as I have found that I don't pig out spend as much as I do when fabric shopping by myself.  I think it is like secret eating (which I don't do) but when fabric shopping by myself I tend to overindulge because no one is looking!

I was rather restrained and only made 2 purchases.

I bought the olive cotton at the Loft - 5 yards.

Then at another shop which is apparently in a former furniture store (since the only word on the outside of the shop name was Furniture) was 5 yards of white cotton and a lace collar.  Plan to use the collar on my civil war dress if I ever finish it.  The white cotton should be made into a chemise.

Not a bad haul for $10.13.


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