Thursday, August 08, 2013

Fancy Dress for Events

This year has been quite the year for events.  However, for most of them I re-used an outfit I previously made.  I am still late everywhere ( I am crap with hair and makeup) but boy does it cut down on the stress level!

Here are some pictures from 2013 events - a mere sampling because I often forget to take pictures or someone else took them and I never got a copy....whoops!  That's me to a "T"

Casino Modrene:
One of the Art Deco Society events I went to this year.  The other being the Avalon Ball for which I have no pictures of me just others as I spent way too much time dancing to worry about picture taking.

Hahahaha, I just realized that I finished this UFO in December after the computer breakdown so I never blogged about it.

This early 1920s style dress is all about the fabric rather than the dress itself.  The dress is just a bunch of rectangles sewn together.  I did bead it but you cant tell from the photos.  It is easy and fun to wear.

Labyrinth of Jareth:  I was lucky enough to go both nights but with the caveat I had to be involved in some set dances.  

Night 1

Re use of an old Halloween costume but without the corset on underneath.  The bodice is boned and laces up the back so why bother with another corset underneath?  Seriously, that day it was over a 100 degrees and no only was there no air conditioning, some fool had taped shut the windows.  I was hot as it was and I would never have made it with a corset on as well.  It was lucky I didnt plan to wear the corset, I would have passed out from the heat.  

Night 2

Evil Fairy adaptation of greek goddess Halloween costume....with wings and glitter!  This was much cooler to wear though the wings made dancing a challenge which why they were so low.  Trying to keep the dang things out of the way plus the wig covered them unless they were low!

November 2012 Victorian Ball
Boo you cant see me tiara

March 2013 Victorian Ball

Not much to say about the ball gowns.  Made a long time ago, trade off wearing them.  Think it is time for a new ball gown.

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