Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Finally a new computer which means I can post again.  I suppose I could have done this on my phone but that really isnt my style.  I wonder if anyone will read this!??

Yes I have been sewing....a lot.  All different types of things.  Some have been photographs, most have not.  So clearly I have a job to do - photographing my different projects.

One thing made is the below regency dress.  I used the La Mode Bagatelle cross-over bodice pattern for the bodice.  For the skirt, I just took a length of fabric and pleated it into the waistband.  It is very very full in the back so an early regency just leaving the round gown.

It came together quickly.  The fabric is a lightweight cotton.  I dont think this one is voile though I have some voiles I would like to make into regency dresses.  The trim is velvet ribbon I had in my stash.  The neckline (which you cannot see) has a more intricate design but then I ran out of time.  Also the sleeve is interesting.
Look, I am actually smiling, I must be happy
with the dress
Of course you cant see the full dress.  I shall have to take a picture of this on the dress form for a better view.

Period undergarments are in place.  A half corset/petticoat all in one thing that I made years ago is underneath providing shape.  It is pretty with a number of tucks in the fabric.  Yup, I am going to need to take a picture of that as well.

I have some serious catch up to do!!

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amy mayen said...

I'm reading! Can't wait to see all the details :)