Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Did you dress up to go to a party?  I did.   I love Halloween.  I love the costumes, the candy, the just brings back fun memories from my childhood.  Every year, my mother or a grandmother would make me a costume and then with friends we would walk miles trick-or-treating and when we were young with my dad following us for safety reasons.  It was so fun.  I remember so much excitement and anticipation for the event and then I would never eat any of the scads of candy I collected because, weird child that I was, I was convinced that some pieces might be poisoned.  So the candy would sit in my room until Easter when my mom tossed it. 

See...small arms but lots and lots and
lots of fabric makes for a bigger than
normal me
Given that I always had a made costume, I can't now bring myself to buy a costume.  I am fine with sourcing a costume through items found at a thrift store or making one. However, for a Halloween costume, the making should be minimal.  Thrifting a costume seemed like too much work so I made one. I went for a simple costume as a Greek goddess.  It was an easy breezy costume which required minimal sewing.  By minimal sewing, I mean 2 seams and 2 buttons sewn on for decoration and my peplos was done.  My belt was a leather and velvet piece I had made a couple of years ago for something else but it didn’t work so it went into the stash.  This outfit had a lot of pluses but also a lot of minuses.  It certainly was not the ubiquitous sexy Halloween costume….hello, I have 5 yards of fabric wrapped around my body.  I think this costume adds about 20 pounds to my look.  However, it was really cool and since the night I wore it it was 72 degrees out well after midnight, it was a good choice in that respect.  Besides, no dreaded foundation garments such as corsets were required!  A major plus if I may say so.

The funny thing is that after I made this, I remembered a bunch of other already made outfits which would have been perfect such as my anime costume.  Doh….really need to think things through properly.

Here's hoping that everyone who had to experience Sandy are doing well, recovering and if necessary rebuilding.  Out here on the left coast, I could only look at pictures and imagine what it was like. 

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