Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Double Take

I didnt want to post the work in progress pictures which is all I have right now.  Sooooo I thought I would share some modern sewing I did recently.  Two Vogue 1247 - the Rachel Comey skirt that a gazillion bloggers have already made.

I am beyond late to this party!

That dress form is a lot
smaller than I am
The first is a brown double plaid.  There was a blue cloud above my head from all the swearing that occurred while trying to match up the plaids.  All seams were hand basted first.

But didnt I do a good job!  I think it is a tad short but my colleague thinks it is great length for me.

The next is a black and grey teeny tiny houndstooth of indeterminate fabric that wrinkles like crazy.  I pressed it prior to taking the picture but by the time the skirt went on the dress form it was wrinkled again.

I added just 2 inches to the length and I think this is a better length on me.  Though truth be told I do keep pulling it down while wearing it.

Stupid wrinkles
Both are lined.  You will notice that each has a different width waistband.  Hahahaha ... not on purpose but because I always "wing" the waistband.  That is I cut out a waistband with whatever fabric is left over which will determine the width.  Yeah, that is my idea of winging it!

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thisblogisnotforyou said...

I love the skirt with the plaids. I think the length is perfect!