Sunday, November 21, 2010

Interesting Construction

The instructions for the waistband provided with this Vogue pattern were odd to say the least.  I did contemplate not following them but decided to give it a go.

After cutting your waistband, the instructions had you fold the waistband in half.  Then after folded in half, fold up the seam allowance.  After folding up the seam allowance, the waistband was placed on the skirt.

How odd!!  Then you just sew the waistband on.  It turned out fine, but it still seems a round about way of doing this.


Vande Historic Costuming said...

So it's a bit like a lapped seam?

Rita said...

It is like a lapped seam! I fear my description is a little lacking.

What I found so interesting is that you placed the fully formed (for lack of a better description)waistband on top of the skirt. The waistband was folded in half, seam allowances folded under, the sides sewn. The waistband was turned right side out and then placed on top of the skirt. It was then sewn on. Not a construction I have seen.