Monday, September 12, 2011

I Didn’t Need An Assistant

Not to get too excited but some sewing happened.  I cut out a skirt for something which should become a 1920s style dress.  Also a waistband was cut.  I dug right in and was powering away.

However, because I am using a border print….my first time, I was going very slowly with the cutting.  Turns out I made the skirt much too long.  But of course I did not realize it until I put on the waistband.  This is what happens when I power away and do not take my time!

The furry assistant getting
involved in the sewing process
So after sewing on the waistband ( it really isn’t a waistband but I do not know what to call it; it is the lowered waist of the 20s and will sit around my hips) with double stitching…..I had to undo the whole thing and re-gather the skirt portion lower down.  That’s when my furry assistant jumped in or I should say laid down on the job halting all progress.  He was not to be moved!  He apparently likes the fabric I chose.
A better picture of the fabric.  Notice the
gathering!  Notice the pins!
I was actually sewing!!

You can see my furry assistant plopped down in the middle of the fabric but you can also make out the pins for where the new gathering is going to go.

Some not cat related details.  The skirt is going to be slightly gathered.  This is going to be a simple dress with the fabric as the star!  The waistband thing has been interfaced to give it some structure.  The dress will be sleeveless and I think with a “v” neck.  

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