Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Silence is Deafening

Did you think I disappeared completely?  I would not have blamed you if you did!  To say my sewing mojo bit the dust is an understatement.  Other than some repairs, I did no sewing during August.  Oh, I had good intentions.  Every day at work I would think about sewing projects I needed to start.  I even washed some fabric.  By the time I had finished dinner all those ideas of sewing and projects had vanished.
Oh wait…..I lie.  I did sew up a fast, down and dirty full 50’s crinoline petticoat.  It took about 10 minutes once I got the serger to do what I wanted and it is a big full petticoat with no need to spend hours gathering.  Anyone interested in the secret??

But….alas….that was as far as I got.  Was it the heat?  The summer?  Who knows.  For weeks I would walk past my machines trying not to look at them so I did not have to the see the accusations of neglect. 
I have made a pact with myself to work on a sewing project over the long weekend.  I guess this is my version of the me made September.  Need to do something to kick start the sewing.

While not sewing, I had the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning of the sewing area.  I had forgotten about all the monthly Originator Smart Fashion booklets I had inherited with the dress forms.  Boy are they amazing.  Wanna peak??  I think you all deserve a look for sticking with my silence.

I love these shirt; especially
the striped one.  What
a great way to emphasize
the stripes

Is this dress just to die for?

Now, I noticed online people are selling CD copies of these for 10$ a pop.  Wow!!  I never thought anyone would ever pay for these.  I have a bunch.  I would have to believe it would be a copyright violation.  Wonder how people get away with this.  I guess they could be old enough to escape the copyright.
I would rather share these out to my readers………….

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