Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day Catch Up

I tried.  

I honestly tried to sew a lot over the long weekend.  Does draping count??  Well the tedious handsewing, has to count, doesn’t it? 

Borrowed from
On Saturday, I did a couple of hours of the aforementioned tedious handsewing.  Lines of running stitches.  Why…well to finish the calash I started in a class in July.  I have now sewn 5 channels for the bamboo.  Go me…….I do not even have a clue why I am doing this.  I don’t need a calash.  It was peer pressure I tell you.

A calash is a type of bonnet. Though what I need with a bonnet is beyond me!

It was super hot weekend.  So motivation was at an all time low.  Plus, I was being handed glasses of wine…..yes almost as if they appeared out of thin air straight into my hand……so what could I do but imbibe.  Wine and sewing are not a good combination for me.  So, after spending 45 minutes ironing my fabric for a different project, all I could muster up was draping it over a dress form to get ideas.  Some pins were used in the draping but, alas, no fabric was cut over the weekend.
I wanted to sew last night but it was so hot I just couldn’t.  The problem was that I was supposed to throw together a dress for a picnic this weekend and that has not even motivated me to take action!

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