Friday, January 14, 2011

What Happens When the Light Bulb Does Not Go Off?

Or that is a rather long way of saying that I still cannot figure out those lapped zippers.  Seriously, I feel dense given the research I have done.  I have now read instructions on how to put in lapped zippers both on the web and in my sewing books with the intent to put one in my skirt. 

So this afternoon I sat down to put a lapped zipper in my skirt. 

I pinned, and ironed and placed the zipper.  All for nought.  It just didn’t make any sense.  After spending much too trying to get a lapped zipper,  I made an executive decision to just do a centered zipper.  It turned out great!  All hand sewn because I do not do well putting in zippers by machine.

But perhaps that will change – while hunting through the house for a prescription (not found anywhere) I cam across an adjustable zipper foot and an invisible zipper foot both of which were purchased oh about 2 years ago.  Perhaps the next invisible zipper I put in I will try the machine again.

1 comment:

Miss1941 said...

Atleast you tried! Lapped zippers look so complicated to me that I've never even tried.