Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes, my dressform
is smaller than I am

Side view

All done on the navy skirt, and yes it is hemmed!  I plan to wear it tomorrow for lunch with a friend!  I do like how it turned out though the fabric is a lint magnet!  Is there any trick to stop a fabric from picking up lint?  The skirt has a nice swish when you walk

Here is how I plan to style the skirt.
I have some navy shoes which
will be perfect with this  outfit.

Isn’t this top fabulous?  It is a vintage top that an old secretary of mine gave me.  It used to be her grandmother’s top from Bullock’s Wilshire.  I think it is perfect with this skirt!  I am excited to wear it.

Why karmariffic you might ask.  Well, as I mentioned, a little over a week ago I was summarily dismissed from my job because they wanted a younger person doing my job.  That younger person with no experience lasted 4 days.  Ha…karmariffic in my book.  Will I ask for my old job back now that I know they are looking to fill it again – no way!  Its like going back to someone who broke up with you … not a good idea in the long run

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Lisette said...

I hope you get a new and better job! The skirt looks good, but we want to see it on you!