Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What Do You Consider A Fail?

I know that my December list became an epic fail in my mind.  Not because I did not have sufficient time?  Oh no, it was simply because I did not plan and check what I was doing. 

A quick recap:

1. Under no circumstances am I permitted to purchase fabric. Notions such as thread and zippers are permitted. SUCCESS!!
2. Finish a minimum of 2 UFOs.  FAIL  1 completed except for the hem.
3. Fix the lining on the vintage coat. FAIL – I thought this would be just sewing up the seams.  Oh my NO!  I had not really examined the lining.  I will have to replace the entire thing.  UGH.
4. Sew 2 hems: FAIL – only did one.
5. 1 new skirt out of existing fabric.  FAIL.  I took the fabric with me and I didn’t notice that it had shrunk in the pre-wash so it no longer fit the selected pattern.
6. Trace off 3 patterns:   SUCCESS!!  I traced 5 patterns.  Yup, got carried away with the soil separator.

I know that this is not an unmitigated failure of a to do list.  I did get a lot accomplished.  But this is why I try to be very careful when making lists.  I don’t know  how you react to lists but let me tell you this one started to really stress me out.  When December 30th rolled around, I started scrambling to try and finish more on my list.  Geez…that sucked.  I hate doing that to myself …it gives me flash backs of my former career…..shudder. 

What I learned is no more lists for a little while.  I apparently am a wimp and just cant take the pressure!   Thus, you will see no resolutions, sewing or non-sewing happening here.  I want to enjoy sewing so I guess I just have to putter along at my own speed for a while.

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