Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huge Fail

This is why I do not like to sew hurriedly. I screw up and this time I have screwed up big time. Everything I have done on this new 1918 dress has gone horribly wrong. This is why there are no pictures. Last night was the kicker. I have barely enough fabric to maybe finish this outfit but it will require some fiddling and piecing.

Why…because I fail.

I ruined one piece with an iron. Really…how the hell did I do that? The last thing I burned with an iron was in 2000. Granted my iron sucks and is difficult to control. Usually it is not hot enough and then everyone once in a while it gets way too hot. I have been thinking about buying a new iron but just did not get around to it.

The one bit was mis-cut. Again, all me. I cannot blame a bad pattern. I was trying to do it fast and lets just call it a huge cock up. I then spent an hour last night trying to figure out how to save this project. I think I have a way, but no time to bring it about. A week to Costume College…what’s a girl to do?

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