Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Figures

So.... today while downtown picking up the eyelet trim needed for my class, I stopped by one of my favorite zipper shops: a shop where one can but a 14 inch invisible zipper for less than $1 which is why I always balk at the price of zippers at JoAnns.

So, I am looking and there right in front of me is the perfect color zipper for McCalls 5150.  All that aggravation of not being able to find the correct color zipper.  I knew this store of another one downtown would have a zipper but I was too lazy to make the trek.  So, do I pull out the cream zipper and put in the correct color zipper?  I probably will do that at some point in time, not today and not right now.  I of course bought the zipper.  I am thinking that I should just buy a selection of zippers in a bunch of different colors given how cheap they are so that this problem does not arise again.

And yes, I was bad and bought fabric.  It was about 100 degrees and almost all the fabric I bought was wool or wool blends.  Just looking at the fabric made me hot!  I also got some thread and few other items.  This may be the last time shopping for anything but thread for a while.

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