Thursday, October 11, 2012

San Francisco Taxi Drivers Redeemed

After that experience with bad San Francisco taxi driver I thought I would relate a story about the best ever taxi driver.  Yes, this happened the same weekend but it was the other end of the spectrum.

Again we were down by Chinatown but because of some event where streets were closed, we couldn’t get a taxi.  We spent about 20 minutes trying to hail a taxi…. not just standing on one corner but walking out of Chinatown heading towards hotels thinking that at least then we could get one.  Finally, a guy pulled over, hopping in we asked if he could get us to our B&B in 10 minutes.  He laughed thinking we were kidding around.  We were not.  We were going to be late for the car we had ordered to take us to the airport.  Now the B&B owner had warned us to be on time when she ordered this car for us because it was her name being used…and well you get the idea.  And here we were…late for the stupid car.

We told the taxi driver, no we were serious, could he do it and there will be good tip if you do.  He laughed and took off.  Think “Streets of San Francisco”.  We flew over those hilly streets.  I do think we caught air a couple of time!  It was fantastic.  The taxi drive LOVED every minute of it!  Every time we approached a yellow light we would egg him on to go for it.  Success…. we made it for the car which, of course, was waiting for us.  The taxi driver let us out at the EXACT designated pickup time.  He, unlike the other dude, was fantastic and really redeemed the whole San Francisco taxi driver experience!!

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