Friday, October 12, 2012

Evening Gown

So now that the rush job on the cocktail dress is done, I have to make another silk charmeuse dress – this time a long 1930’s evening dress.

It looks black but it is not black
This is going to be in a deep dark purple.  Think night sky purple.  It is not too grapey but almost black.  The picture does not show the true color:

The pattern is this one. 
Find this pattern here

I did muslin the bodice back in April so I have the pattern ready to role.  I had to do an FBA which was a little difficult to figure out.  Though I am feeling more comfortable with the dreaded FBAs now.  There is no picture of the bodice because I had to take it apart to make the pattern but here is the mock up of the skirt portion in some heavy poly charmeuse substitute that I have acres of.

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