Thursday, June 02, 2011

Who Doesn't Enjoy Quick Sewing?

Another 1940's dress that is coming together quickly......such a pleasure.

Construction notes:

  • Did not do an FBA since it is a 34 inch bust.
  • There are pleats in the bodice and darts in the shoulder.
  • I did not like the pleats in the bodice and turned them into darts.
  • I made a huge cutting error on the skirt.  One piece is not wide enough through the hips.  It is my fault; I did not make sure the fabric was even before I started cutting.
  • I cut the sleeves on the bias.  Not sure why; the pattern is too subtle to really show up with a bias cut.
  • I love love love the pleats on the sleeves. So simple but pretty.
  • I had to stare at the instructions for a long time to figure out how the pleats in the front bodice worked and then after figuring them out I turned them into darts.  Blech.

Where I am:

Not sure I like those lapels

Pieces are sewn together…..kinda…

Bias cut sleeve with pretty pleats!

Yup, there is the back.

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