Friday, June 03, 2011

Final Thoughts on Simplicity 3835

The pattern.  Those bows
are killers!  Stay away.

I thought I would share some pictures of the final dress.

No killer bows,
just buttons
You can see, I changed it up from the pattern envelope.  That bow looked silly and was strangling me.  No way I was keeping that.  I had already added the buttons to the dress because it was just toooooo white.  Yes, I know I made a white dress and how did I think it would look except white?  Well, I was still a little overwhelmed by the white so I added the buttons first on the bodice.  When the bow started strangling me, I added the buttons to the neckline to change up the look.

The side closing was a bit of a cheat.  I used hook and eye tape!  What a time saver rather than dealing with individual hooks, eyes and snaps as the pattern recommended.  I am all about cutting some corners.
Wow a smile.

1940s style shoes....yum
These pictures were not taken on the day of the event.  Oh no, I forgot to do it that day.  My hair looked great for the event, here ….not so much.  I didn’t feel like investing hours on hair and make-up for this impromptu photo shoot.  But check out the shoes I wore with the dress.  Tres chic?  No??  Love these shoes! And perfect for 1940s wear.

I am totally making this dress again.  I have a navy voile that screams for this dress!  Plus, it was such a fun and comfortable dress to wear I need one in a more practical color!!!


sweet jane. said...

That pattern is adorable, and I love what you did with the buttons!

KibitzKnitz said...


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing this on Sew Retro, it's lovely! I have the very same pattern, so I'm quite eager to use it now that I've seen how lovely yours has turned out

Clare said...

Super cute! White may not be the most practical color, but it's so lovely and kind of uncommon. You look great!

Alice said...

Lovely pattern!!
Perfect for summer holidays ^_^