Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another 1940’s Dress Finished

Gah, that hair is
out of control!

And about time, I might add!  The June gloom lifted a little so I thought it was time to take pictures and document this dress as done.  So I threw it on and found a belt went to take pictures.  The belt chosen does not work…at all.  Need to piece a self belt and find a buckle….but I really did not want the belt to be a stopping point on this dress.  It can be worn without a belt and I may have to do that.

With the neckline they way it is supposed to be according to Simplicity 3162.

Annoying neckline as patterned

Some thoughts:
  • No FBA needed.
  • The bodice was too long.  Note to self, check this before cutting out the next pattern regardless of whether an FBA is needed.
  • I found the neckline silly and annoying so I modified it.
  • Still am loving the sleeves
  • Need to figure out a belt.
  • Perfect summer dress if only the weather was summer like for more than an hour a day.

Nice static shot.
Love the buttons.
No belt.
Buttons on the dress:

So, there I was outside snapping these photos with all the people in the park across the street watching me set the timer on the camera and run.  I look up and what do I see?  My nosey cat trying to get in on the photo shoot action from inside the house!

If you let me out, I could help!

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Eugenia said...

I love this dress - it looks so pretty and ladylike! Great idea to make a self-fabric belt, that would be a perfect finishing touch.