Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am stymied by how to make a FBA to this pattern.  While I am not sure if I actually need an FBA I tend to think I will.  But how?

These are the pattern pieces.  Hmmmm….I can’t find anything to help.  There really is no arm hole and no darts and not even a bodice.

I traced out the pattern and then cut up the front skirt/bodice piece.  I first tried cutting up the bottom and spreading the pattern.  That could work but I didn’t really want to widen the bottom.  I then came from the top and I didn’t like that idea either since it would make it so the yoke would not fit.

Finally a light bulb went off…..I selected a spot fairly close to where the I thought the bodice would end.  Sliced the pattern in half.  From there, I cut up and out to spread and widen the putative bodice.  Hopefully this will work because I cut out the fabric.

Now for the fun part.

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