Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dress of Doom

Seriously, that is what it has become.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING has gone wrong.  All of those hours spent measuring and measuring for naught.  The skirt pieces are of varying lengths.  It is not long enough for the tucks I wanted.  I am going to have to do a faced hem to make this work.  I do not have time to take out the top tuck so that the skirt is longer, which I may do sometime in the future. 

The only thing that was easy was putting in the sleeves.  Again, seriously!  If sleeves are the EASY part, that gives you an inkling of what a bother this entire dress has been.

Oh yes, the dress looks fine in the pictures; you cannot see the mistakes or the misery it imposed on me.  But trust me, this is merely terrorist propaganda by the Dress of Doom to make people think I am exaggerating this situation beyond all proportions.  I am not.  Do not believe the propaganda!

I have been soooooo close to chucking the whole thing but part of me will not let me do it.  I will wrangle this beast into submission and into something I can wear if it kills me.  One of us is going down! And it better be the Dress of Doom

Want to bet I decide not to wear it cause it is too matchy with the hat since I have no time now to make additions…….hahahahaha.  But that would mean the terrorists won.

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