Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Derailed...or Welcome to the Kitty ER

I had a list of everything that needed to get done by Thursday.  Every free minute was accounted for by that list.  That was until yesterday morning when my cute little furry helper started limping.  A quick trip home to check on him at lunch showed no improvement.  When I got home for work, he started growling at me, something this cat never does.  So off we went to the kitty ER.  It was proclaimed that he is very sturdy ( I wonder if that means husky in the furry helper world).  The thought is that he was bit by a spider and given pain meds.

So there went 2+ hours of my night.  I did take my hand sewing to the kitty ER and got a little done in the waiting room. 
What is the status of the Dress o' Doom?  It is hemmed.  The collar is pinned on ready to be basted on tonight.  I did buy some buttons that I am not thrilled with but they will work.  That's it. 

BTW, the furry helper was not limping this morning and seemed to be almost back to normal.  He is still under confinement per vet's orders and he is not happy about that!

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