Monday, April 25, 2011

When Sewing Machines Attack

It wasn’t my regular sewing machine.  It wasn’t even this one; but it was a similar machine.  I had never used the machine before.

It was my second machine which I had never used before; bought as a spare at a garage sale so that I would always have one available.  I was sewing with friends.  Just before the attack, one of my friends noted that this machine sounded very angry.  You know what…it did sound angry.

Little did I know how angry.

A few minutes later, I had my head down lining up a seam and my foot, almost unconsciously pressed on the foot pedal.  I did not mean to press on the pedal at the time.  Why I did, I have no idea.

What happened.  I was too close.  The bit that goes up and down (yes, that is some high tech sewing jargon for you) went up into my forehead.  On this machine, unlike my regular machine, it actually come out of the machine, a little way but enough if you have no idea it is going to happen.  It came out and into my forehead.

Pain first, then blood.  A head wound or maybe a head slice is a better description which leads to lots and lots of blood.  I just sat there, unable to really move with blood streaming down my face. 

Thank goodness I was not alone!  My friends jumped to with paper towels and bandages.  Lots of bandages.

Needless to say my sewing weekend came to a grinding halt!  Yup, no more sewing.  I am now back home with my regular machine but still a little gun shy!  A couple of friends blamed the incident on Skynet.

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