Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jerry Parnis Dress in Action

First off a big thanks to KM for giving me hints on how to research Jerry Parnis.  I am still searching for more information.  KM suggested that I focus on the different trade names used by Jerry Parnis.  It appears that she used quite a few over the years.  Though, I am still wondering why I can find no obituary or something of that nature.

Also, a thanks to Gwen on her kind comment!!

Gotta love the wind!
Maybe I will skip the tennis
shoes next time
I finished the Brown Leaves Dress aka the Jerry Parnis dress just in time for a weekend getaway.  Well, just barely.  I like the dress….a lot. 

Some thoughts:  This was a really comfortable dress to wear; I wore it all day Sunday.  However, I need more buttons down the front because dress kept flipping open in the wind so that my slip was on view.  Not a great look!  I plan on adding more buttons
The pattern

Also, the pockets are problematic.  The best way to describe them is they do not sit just right.  I know this is user error because I have only put in one other set of pockets and they were wonky as well.  I need to work on this.

There is also some gaping.  I think I need to place the button holes closer to the edge of the right front because the front would flip over a little when I moved around.  This drove me nuts.  It was really just at the waist so a few snaps might save the day!  Or maybe some fabric tape.

I also may add some embellishments on the bottom of the skirt.  When I conceived this idea, I thought some brown stripes made on the bias would pull the whole dress together.  I ran out of time to add the bias stripes for the past weekend but in looking at the picture really think it would add to the dress.

This will be a dress that is perfect for wearing around on the weekends! 

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talcmom said...

Don't add more buttons. Just sew it shut from the last button down to the hem. By the way- it's a really cute dress. :)-Mary