Thursday, April 07, 2011

Interfacing: Sew In v. Fused

I have been reading a lot on blogs about interfacing.  Its time for my 2 cents.

I have always used the iron on interfacing.  It always made me nervous; it also seemed either too heavy or too thin for the fabric in question.  I am lucky, I never had an accident with it nor has it seemed to have shrunk. 

However, after everything I have been reading lately, I went out and bought some sew in interfacing.  I must say, I quite enjoyed using this on the brown leaf dress: both collar and front piece are interfaced.  I felt like I had more control over what was happening rather than just holding my breath and wishing for good things which is what I would do with the iron in interfacing.

So, yes I am a convert.
It looks lopsided but it really isnt!
It is just this photo.

Speaking of interfacing - I have been working on the collar for the brown leaf dress.  Here it is basted on:

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